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Washing Flourite

Washing Flourite substrate has been described as tedious and unpleasant at best and downright nasty when done outside in the winter. However, I just finished setting up a planted tank at a LFS with a Flourite substrate and was not looking forward to washing the Flourite. However, I noticed that the reptile tanks had covers consisting of a plastic frame and fine screen mesh stretched across the opening. I asked to use one and placed several handfuls of flourite on the screen and then ran water through it until it ran clean. All the mud ran through the screen and down the drain and the lip of the frame kept the flourite from washing over the side. I might even get away with doing it in the kitchen sink at home if my wife is in a good mood.  It took no more than 20 minutes to do a bag and when the aquarium was filled with water there was very little cloudiness.

The same setup could be made using a small wooden frame with window screen stretched across it. However, if you don't want to go to the trouble, I'm sure the reptile tank covers don't cost much or they might even lend you one for an hour or two but be sure to get one with fine mesh like window screening. I hope this helps someone else setting up a new tank.

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