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30 Gallon Started in March


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  30 Gallon 9 months later

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This tank had been established for approximately 10 years before I began the current effort to grow plants. Since I didn't want to tear the tank down and start over, I kept the U.G.F but reduced the flow by eliminating one power head. I also kept using the Whisper filter at first to provide some biological filtration while the Eheim was getting established. It also provided some surface movement which helped prevent too great of a ph swing as my DIY diffuser proved to be more efficient than expected. All of the plants are growing aggressively and I have been lucky to avoid any problems with algae. Since the tank seems to be in balance I am reluctant to discontinue using the U.G.F. or the Whisper. I'm a big believer in " If it isn't broken don't fix it".

Ph 6.7
Kh 4
GH 8
Co2 10 lb cylinder @1 bubble per second controlled by model aircraft needle valve into D.I.Y Diffuser
Filters Eheim 2213, Whisper 2 using only plain filter bag
U.G.F. Powered by one Aquaclear Power head with output into CO2 Diffuser
Lighting DIY Hood with 1 36 watt and 1 18 watt fluorescent tube and 2 20 watt CF's
Substrate 3-4mm gravel - In two areas I removed the gravel and replaced it with kitty litter and profile topped with local fine beach sand
Fertilizer PMDD, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium
Nutrient Levels Iron .2-.4ppm, Nitrate 2-5ppm, Potassium 10-20 ppm added weekly

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