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30 Gallon tank started in March of 2001
Additional Pictures and tank description at
30 Gallon

10 Gallon tank started in April of 2001
10 Gallon

29 Gallon started June 24, 2001
29 Gallon

Ten years ago I tried for years to successfully grow plants and failed miserably. There was little information available and what there was I couldn't find. Now virtually everything you need to know can be found on the internet if you know where to look. Therefore,  instead of repeating information found elsewhere, I thought it would be useful to provide an extensive listing of links to make it easier for those entering the hobby to find what they need.

I started with a DIY yeast system which worked well  but  I recently invested in a pressurized system with a 10 LB CO2 cylinder, regulator and needle valve. MY adventures searching for a needle valve are chronicled at Needle Valves . For the output of the needle valve I built a CO2 diffuser which can be found at CO2 Diffuser. While setting up a planted tank at a LFS I found a great way to wash Flourite substrate

In order to get enough lighting I built a hood and installed compact fluorescents in cheap ceramic sockets. Here are pictures of the hoods for the 10 and 29 gallon. .

One of the best places to start is the newsgroup rec.aquaria.freshwater.plants. This newsgroup has been invaluable in helping me start a successful planted aquarium. There is a group of highly dedicated and knowledgeable people that follow this newsgroup and they are always willing to answer   your questions.  Without their help starting a planted aquarium would have been much more difficult. In particular I would like to thank Chuck Gadd, Wayne Jones, Soren 'Disky' Reinke, Aaron Ivers  and the many others for their informative replies to newsgroup questions.


Aquatic Plant Retailers

Florida Driftwood

Aqua Botanic

True Aquarium Plants

General Retailers

 Big Al's Online (Good prices and service)
Pet Warehouse (Now Drs Foster Smith) (Good prices and service)
That Pet Place That Fish Place (Good prices and service)
Homegrown Hydroponics  (PMDD Trace Elements Source)
Mail Order Houses (Ratings of various firms)

CO2 Equipment

Dave Gomberg (CO2 Equipment and TMG)

Rapids Restaurant Foodservice (Inexpensive CO2 cylinders and Regulators are in catalog)

Monolith Marine Monsters (m3)


Aqua Botanic-Aquarium Plants and Aquascaping

CO2 Reactors

[The Krib] CO2 & Water Hardness

CO2 reactor



Eheim Aquarist

LaMotte Company - Aquariums & Fish Farming Testing Products & Information


Aquaculture Supply Home Page

Hach Company's H20 University

Hawaiian Marine Imports


[The Krib] Aquatic Plants  ( Great Site. A Must Read for the Beginner)

Tropica Aquarium Plants - Species list

Kitty Litter in Los Angeles Different Brands

Control of Algae in Planted Aquaria

A Guide To Equipment, Decor & Aquarium Plants

Kitty Litter in Los Angeles Different Brands

Nutrient Management

SFBAAPS Reference Setting Up A New Tank by Karen Randall

San Francisco Bay Ref Page

British Aquatic Resource Center

Aquaria FAQ

Aquaria Central - Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Fish


Aquarium Hobbyist Supply

Fullam Ballasts

DIY Aquarium Lighting

Herbs Cheap Lighting & Cheap setup

Philips Lighting

R. Sexton Lighting Article

Light Measurement Handbook



Chuck's Aquarium Page (Great page. Loads of information. Must read!)

Greg's Aquatic Engineering

Aquatic Concepts

Hoa G. Nguyen's Freshwater Planted Aquarium Fish, Plants, Tank and Tropical Fishkeeping

Tom Barr, Recommended parameters

Diskys Freshwater Aquarium

Big D's Aquariums

100 Gallon


Steve's Aquatic Plant Resource Page

AQUAZONE - Aquariums and Aquatic Environments



Brewery Lane Wine Yeast Page

Cellar Homebrew Home Brewing Wine Making Ingredients

Painter Fork The Home Wine making

Brewer's Den Catalogue - Wine Yeast

Alternative Beverage On-Line Catalog

Heart's Homebrew Supply

Wine Yeast

The Home Wine making and Beer Brewing Shop


Fish Vet (Computer Program to diagnose fish disease)

Animal Network -Discus

Aquarium Frontiers On-Line Aquatic Horticulture


Jack's Hydroponic Info Pages

Plant Trader Forums

Aquatic Plants Archive Search

Aquatic Plants Mailing List

AquaPlant Index and Search & Info

Fish Information Service

TAPGL (The Aquatic Plant Grower List)

AquaEco Multimedia


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